Aaran Concrete customers have to come to expect a high level of service from our staff that not only understand the business of concrete but are willing to go the extra distance to create a satisfied customer.

Aaran Concrete operates a fully equipped laboratory. The laboratory not only checks the consistency of raw materials and mix designs, it also plays a key role in new product development. Where projects call for specialized technical assistance, we have technical staff available to assist with solutions.


This is measured as either compressive or flexural strength. Concrete samples are tested and strengths measured according to standard practices. Typically, strength is specified at 28 days. If our clients are uncertain about correct slump, mix or strength requirement for their particular project, we have competent technical people who can assist. Standard grades like M-20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, etc. Specialized concrete like Self Compacting, colored, high strength and high volume fly ash concrete can also be given by Aaran Concrete.

There are several types of mixes dependent on application or specification. Prescribed mixes are those which have constituent materials and ratios prescribed by the customer. Design mixes are developed by us to comply with our customers, engineers and architects specifications. They can be designed to fulfill a number of specific requirements, such as pumping, chemical resistance, and underwater placing.

Technical Solution

Aaran Concrete has a comprehensive database of cases on effective solutions related to concrete. Our customer service can support you on information about Work ability, placing, compacting and curing, cracking control, uneven surfaces and blistering.

Mix Type